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Sigma Guitars & Such-My Search for Sigma by KGDunham
I strated researching Sigma by Martin fretted instruments several years ago and began reading and gathering information where ever I could concerning Martin's import line that began in 1970 and ended in 2007. I would query older Martin dealers and ...
How to identify the date and value of a Fender amp by kcbuck
Neither the date nor the value can be determined from the serial number. Fender's amps, unlike their guitars, are not tracked by the serial number. In order to date a Fender amp or provide the value, you need to know one of the below: * The 2 ...
Amplifier feedback by kcbuck

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by admin - 1 day ago
That's a Fender by the headstock. I'm not a Bass player but would say either a P-Bass or Jazz-Bass. Check them out on . Hope this helps you out, kcbuc -Texas Boy
by kcbuck - 3 days ago
Need some additional information: 1. What is the full and exact model name? 2. What is the serial number? 3. What condition is it in in a percentage from new? Once I know the above I can ...
by kcbuck - 3 days ago
Ian: That is exactly why I posted this... Glad to hear that you took advantage of my experience and saved a bunch of money. See, sharing is nice... Be Good Bud, kcbuck - Texas Boy
by kcbuck - 5 days ago
Anytime, just check first next time to ensure you don't pay to much. Please pass the word with all your guitar amigos about our fine site here at . Be Good, kcbuck
by kcbuck - 6 days ago
Marsilio: The Fender Duel Showman Reverb (Silverface) Guitar Amplifier was made from 1969 to 1980. However, if you send me the "2 Letter Date Code" on the Tube Chart I can tell you when it ...
by kcbuck - 1 week ago
You are quite welcomed... Please tell all your guitar amigos about our fine site here at . Be Good, kcbuck
by kcbuck - 1 week ago
Thanks very much kcbuck.Regards Sammo.
by sammo - 1 week ago
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