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How do Acoustic Electric guitars amplify the sound? by Sparky2
The question has been posed;How do acoustic electric guitars amplify the sound?I'm not an expert on this by any means, but an electric acoustic amplifies the sound in a number of ways: 1. The same way, initially, as any other acoustic guitar. ...
Some Advice Regarding Guitar Valuations by Sparky2
Sparkys Les Paul Copper Top
Hello guys and girls! My Guitar Buddies is a wonderful web-resource for information sharing on the topic of guitars, basses, pedals, accessories, and nearly everything you could want to know about modern strings instruments.Our moderators and ...
Arbor guitars by Vale

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In what year was the oldest still existing Martinguitar made? A. 1843 B. 1934 C. 1834 D. 1814 E. 1914
by Vale - 6 hours ago
Jacob: You'll need to get a schematic (wiring diagram) for that amp to determine the correct path for wiring... However, if you jump from the speaker wires and install a headphone jack ...
by kcbuck - 8 hours ago
1993. How does he like that guitar? Any photos? :cheer:
by Sparky2 - 9 hours ago
You are quite welcome and please tell all your guitar amigos about our fine site here at . Be Good, kcbuck
by kcbuck - 10 hours ago
Well done! I would have accepted just Rockabilly for all of them, but thanks for being more specific :D
by Vale - 3 days ago
Thanx Sparky2... I played bass as a pup but life got in the way... Thoroughly humbled with the chords after not holding any guitar after 35+ years & Arthur-itis in the hands. I almost gave ...
by JoeLunchpailWinnip eg - 3 days ago
Skipper, That beauty is worth at least $240 in the condition you describe. Can you post photos of her? :cheer:
by Sparky2 - 4 days ago

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