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Hi there guitar people, it’s nice to be here! Just wanna say hi and I hope to get into some real guitar talk because I am a real tonehound. Been jammin for about 10yrs. I dig all music but I favor The blues, blues rock, and classic rock, with some funk on the side. I am a gear ***** and I am trying to get it under control. When I hear a players with a tone that knocks me down, I gotta know what pups their using. What overdrive pedal,amp, and whatever it is that gives them that tone. I am happy at the moment with my tone, but I am still searching. I guess a lot of players are. Some go Bingo bongo and the find the sickest tone. I’m one of those who in my early playing yrs. really didn’t grasp the tone I wanted. Now that I know what I want yet it’s still alluding me. I have been dissapointed to many times when it comes to pickups and ovedrive pedals. I know now that a low wattage amp gives the sickest overdrive tone but you will sacrifice headroom. I will go on and on. Anyway, Rock on people!!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • kcbuck: Welcome aboard JamMaster and I hope you like the site. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the sound and/or the tone you want. I play soft classic rock and love a nice warm or creamy tone for the music I play and it is h-e-l-l and a tad expensive experimenting with equipment and gear, but that is the only way you’ll obtain your goal. Once you reach it with a certain guitar, pickups, and/or amp keep them. I have 6 electrics, 2 acoustic, and 4 amps, of which 2 practice amps that have been dialed in to suit my needs. I’m a happy man.... for now.
    Be Good,
  • jammonster: Hey kcbuck, How’s it rockin? yah man, I’m kinda happy with my tone now. I own a LP Trad 08′ (mine has the one piece back).A SG Standard 04′ with a neck to die for. I could not get into the 489t 490r pups.To modern hot for me.Dropped in 57′ classics. Now it sounds great, but it’s dark sounding. I want a give it some treble bite. I play a fender twin and a fender deluxe. I should have snagged the Super. I really dig the twin. It has a clean that’s mean. I bought the deluxe for home use. People rave about them. It’s nice,but when it’s cranked it produces an overdriven tone that’s,how can I put this. Farty, is the word that comes to mind. So, I looking into a Marshall class 5. It overdrives at a nice vol.And it has a crisp tone.I gonna play one over the weekend and hear what happens. Rock on!
  • kcbuck: I’m a Fender kind of guy and have a Princeton 65 Reverb Reissue (15W) and an Acoustasonic Jr. (40W) from the 90’s. My son’s a metal head and loves his Peavey ValveKing 212 (100W). You may want to check that amp out as well as we spent all day in Ft. Worth checking out amps at Guitar Center, Mr. E’s Music, The Zoo, and Lambs and that is the one he liked best for his rah, rah, rah stuff. Plenty of power there compared to my pea shooters.... All tube amps for us except the Acoustasonic Jr.
  • kcbuck: Try the links below:
    Hope this helps,

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