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How do Acoustic Electric guitars amplify the sound? by Sparky2
The question has been posed;How do acoustic electric guitars amplify the sound?I'm not an expert on this by any means, but an electric acoustic amplifies the sound in a number of ways: 1. The same way, initially, as any other acoustic guitar. ...
Some Advice Regarding Guitar Valuations by Sparky2
Hello guys and girls! My Guitar Buddies is a wonderful web-resource for information sharing on the topic of guitars, basses, pedals, accessories, and nearly everything you could want to know about modern stringed instruments.Our moderators and ...
Arbor guitars by Vale

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I want value and age estimate for an Orlando Guitar Model 303 in excellent condition
by George - 3 hours ago
Check out THIS rascal. https://reverb.com/item/2260501-epiphone-ft-45-cortez-rare-logo-1961-sunburst
by Sparky2 - 1 day ago
The Epiphone PR-200 made in 1991 has a current listed resale value of $150.00 to $200.00 USD in Excellent Condition and $95.00 to $120.00 USD in Average Condition. Hope this helps, kcbuck - ...
by kcbuck - 1 day ago
Still looking for a GOYA ( Martin ) acoustic guitar? I have a 6 string steel string acoustic in pretty decent shape. It has the round tag in it but faded and can't read the model.
by Jimmyaxe - 4 days ago
Conroyvox: The Princeton 65 has a transformers and that "606-" number is on it. I myself have a Princeton 65 Reissue and believe me that number is there. Just look for any number on the ...
by kcbuck - 5 days ago
I must confess, I have searched high and low, and I cannot determine where the serial number is supposed to be located on the USA-made Vox Mark III's. I HAVE seen some photos that would ...
by Sparky2 - 1 week ago
I do a word search based upon the subject matter. If that produces not results expanding upon the search wording starts until the end results are achieved.
by kcbuck - 1 week ago

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