Worth of Hohner HG-430LP-S

Inherited this guitar but know nothing about it. It is in pretty good condition as far as I can tell. I already have someone interested in "taking it off my hands" but not sure if I should sale and if so what the selling price should be. Than you!

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2 years ago #2
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This is Hohner's version of the Gibson Les Paul and it is valued at between $200.00 to $250.00 USD based upon the condition indicated in the pictures.
Hope this helps some,
kcbuck - Texas Boy

1 month ago #3

Not sure if you still have yours, but I bought this exact model back in '77 from a store in Allentown, PA. Unfortunately I sold it at a yard sale about 11 years later for $50. Excellent build quality but so so electronics. Still, it'd be cool to have one again. Let me know if you ever decide to sell it. Thanks. Steve

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